Thank you for your interest in membership with the Pension Investment Association of Canada (PIAC). Membership in PIAC is restricted to Canadian pension funds. Each pension fund is represented by an employee who has senior responsibility for the investment direction or administration of the fund’s assets or serves in related areas such as actuarial, accounting, communications, corporate governance, legal, responsible investment, risk management, tax, etc.

Service providers, vendors, marketing or sales individuals (of products or other investment vehicles) or consultants are excluded from membership in the association.

The primary employee to join from a pension fund is referred to as the “Regular” member.  The Regular member is the person who is responsible to ensure that:

  • Annual dues are paid in a timely manner
  • The PIAC office is promptly notified of any changes to the roster of other individuals from the organization in membership
  • The list of pension plans managed by the organization is complete and accurate
  • Confidentiality provisions are respected by all individuals who are members from your organization
  • The Annual Asset and Returns Survey is completed by the deadline
  • Completion of other PIAC surveys as appropriate
  • Proxies or ballots are exercised on behalf of your organization where required

Member funds may also sign up additional employees at no charge and they are referred to as “Additional Regular” members. There is a space on the application form to add the names and contact information of other management colleagues you may wish to have signed up as members. Once the organization’s application has been approved the PIAC office will reach out to the individuals to have them complete their individual applications and confidentiality forms.

The Member fund may change who is designated as the “Regular” or “Additional Regular” member by contacting the PIAC office.

A key requirement of membership is the yearly submission by each pension fund of the Asset and Returns Survey.

Membership dues are based on the size of assets under management of the fund. On the fees schedule, indicate which dues level is appropriate. GST/HST is payable depending on the location of your head office.